October 13, 2021

Coborn’s Expands Partnership with InvaFresh for Fresh Food Merchandising and Replenishment

Coborn’s, a leading Midwest grocer celebrating its 100th year, selected Invafresh’s Fresh Food Retail Platform for its merchandising and replenishment solutions to improve in-store performance, enhance consumer loyalty and brand and drive profitability and sustainability.

Faced with the ever-increasing complexities of managing fresh food operations and ensuring compliance with the industry’s food safety and consumer disclosure regulations, Coborn’s sought an industry leading technology partner to transform its retail operations for continued success. Coborn currently employs Invafresh’s scale management platform and looks to grow the relationship for the parties to develop a thoughtful deployment plan across fresh food retail operations that accelerates time to value for Coborn’s through Invafresh’s merchandising and replenishment SaaS offering.

“While our experience with Invafresh runs deep, we carried out an in-depth evaluation of industry technology providers to propel our fresh food operations forward. We are continually impressed by the Invafresh team, the platform’s fresh-native capabilities, the customer-driven delivery model and track record of successfully delivering top quartile business and financial results across a range of national, regional and local food retailers in North America. We have commenced the deployment of the Invafresh Fresh Food Retail solutions on schedule and are already seeing excellent adoption, usage and benefits as promised by the Invafresh team,” said Troy Vosburgh, VP of Fresh, Coborn’s.

“Invafresh is here to inspire the world to Think Forward and Think Fresh. We are excited to continue our journey with Coborn’s as we share the vision to prioritize fresh item management technology solutions that help shape the future of fresh food retailing for a fresher, healthier, safer and sustainable operation,” said Tim Spencer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Invafresh. “Fresh food is the only way to build trust and loyalty in the competitive grocery market, especially with today’s digitally driven experiential consumer. Our fresh-native platform will help Coborn’s with merchandising and replenishment across their grocery banners to ensure fresh products of the highest quality are in-stock at the right levels across their fresh assortments and offerings. We are committed to being the best in Fresh and are excited to partner with Coborn’s and help them to be the best in Fresh too.”

The addition of Invafresh’s merchandising and replenishment solutions enables Coborn’s to future-proof its fresh food retail operations for years to come and empower their store associates to provide the freshest products to its consumers. Coborn’s can confidently augment manual processes with fresh-native solutions that automate fresh ordering and in-store production planning across all fresh food departments that capture and report all inventory movement, including discards, markdowns, transfers, conversions and cycle counts. Invafresh’s recipe management solution centralizes all aspects of Coborn’s in-store production from recipe creation, maintenance, cost allocation, nutritional labelling, through to standardization of products with in-store preparation guidelines. Every store ensures compliance with the USDA Ground Beef Recordkeeping with Invafresh’s food traceability solution.

“The Invafresh platform enables our store associates to focus on high-value consumer shopping experiences. As we digitize store operational processes, we are confident with the real-time visibility to a perpetual inventory for every store sales floor and backroom that all grocery retailers need to drive the best decisions for profitability and sustainability. We look forward to our continued partnership and success with the Invafresh team,” continued Vosburgh.


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