June 16, 2021

CommerceIQ Enables $100 Billion E-commerce Grocery Market with Support for Amazon Fresh, Walmart

CommerceIQ, a leading e-commerce management platform provider, has announced new capabilities for Amazon Fresh and Walmart to help grocery brands win in one of the fastest growing segments of e-commerce projected to reach $100 billion this year. On the heels of launching omnichannel coverage for all major online retailers, CommerceIQ now provides real-time, retail-aware advertising on Walmart and Amazon, with additional zip code level precision to ensure localized availability for Amazon Fresh customers. This new release caters to the needs of grocery brands, empowering them to leverage CommerceIQ’s machine-learning led platform to reduce revenue leakage and out of stock issues, drive incremental sales and deliver profitable growth.

While grocery brands face unique challenges particularly in the frozen foods/perishable items categories, they share a similar set of challenges faced by CPG brands selling on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Numerous inefficiencies plague the e-commerce landscape such as managing constantly changing digital shelves, reducing the impact of emerging competitors and ensuring advertising spend is aligned with business goals. The sheer number of decisions required to be efficient and win is impossible to make without automation. Grocery has the additional burden of understanding how to target and deliver perishable food items to the consumer with pinpoint precision. CommerceIQ Sales provides machine-driven business insights to grocery brands’ e-commerce teams for the first time, enabling them to properly allocate inventory and manage digital shelves based on the consumer’s location while driving advertising accordingly. The result is higher share of voice, increased revenue and improved profit margins.

According to Gartner’s Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions report, “Planning across multiple sales channels while dealing with disruptions has forced retailers to accelerate demand-planning and replenishment capabilities. Four benefit areas continue to drive forecasting and replenishment initiatives—revenue lift, reduction in out-of-stocks (OOS), inventory optimization and margin improvement. Supply chain leaders focused on supply chain technology strategy and selection should improve replenishment capabilities by using technology to incorporate returns and utilizing fulfillment forecasting to enhance e-commerce execution capabilities.”

“CommerceIQ delivers the e-commerce execution capabilities grocery sellers need to win on Amazon Fresh and Walmart based on the knowledge and experience we’ve amassed working with more than 2,200 brands,” said Suryadeep Agrawal, Vice President of Product Management at CommerceIQ. “To help brands drive new shoppers to their products and ensure availability at the point of sale, we’re introducing a highly-tuned set of capabilities to help them succeed.”

CommerceIQ products empower e-commerce teams to make thousands of decisions in near real-time by combining key data across pricing, point of sale, market intelligence, supply chain, purchase order management and advertising. When freshness and proximity to customers counts, CommerceIQ delivers unprecedented precision and greater visibility to help CPGs properly plan and optimize grocery demand, including:

  • Daily SKU availability in top zip codes across the country for Amazon Fresh.
  • Insights on the correlation between different metrics across sales, operations and advertising.
  • Retail-aware and real-time omnichannel advertising optimization that drives share of voice growth and reduces wasteful ad spend.

The new CommerceIQ capabilities support recent shifts by Amazon Fresh to help consumer brands fulfill grocery order delivery more quickly. For its part, Walmart’s e-commerce business is continuing to grow a year into the pandemic with increased market share gains in groceries. CommerceIQ helps grocery brands selling on Amazon Fresh and Walmart optimize their omnichannel sales and retail media strategies to win on both marketplaces.

Support for Amazon Fresh and Walmart follows a string of company and product award acknowledgements for CommerceIQ, including Startup Weekly’s 2021 Software Companies to Watch and the American Business Awards Best Electronic Commerce Solution.

For more information about CommerceIQ’s and support for Amazon Fresh, request a demo today.

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