January 25, 2023

Conagra Brands Debuts Collection of New Products

Conagra Brands, Inc. is debuting a collection of sweet treats, breakfast mixes and flavored seeds this month across top brands such as Snack Pack, Duncan Hines, Mrs. Butterworth’s and DAVID Seeds.

“Our teams are constantly innovating so that our food delivers fun and flavor,” said Lucy Brady, President of Grocery and Snacks for Conagra Brands. “With the addition of dynamic licensing partners that team with our iconic brands, our collection of new products is one that we’re excited to share with consumers.”

Highlighting the new arrivals is Snack Pack, featuring four new flavors of puddings and gels, three of which include an external licensing partner.

Snack Pack Cinnabon

Snack Pack Fruity PEBBLES

Snack Pack Ice Cream Sandwich Pudding

Snack Pack STARBURST All Pink Juicy Gels

In addition to Snack Pack Cinnabon, Conagra’s partnership with the cinnamon roll brand extends to three other new products:

Duncan Hines EPIC Cinnabon Muffin Kit

Mrs. Butterworth’s EPIC Cinnabon Pancake Kit

Mrs. Butterworth’s Cinnabon Syrup

Meanwhile, DAVID Seeds, is partnering with another category leader, Frank’s RedHot on the DAVID Frank’s RedHot Jumbo Sunflower Seeds. They’re now available at convenience, grocery and sporting goods stores, as well as through e-commerce channels.

For more information on Conagra Brands, including innovation from the company’s roster of nearly 100 brands, visit Conagra Brands.

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