February 7, 2024

Crispy Green Introduces Piña Picante Healthy Pineapple Snacks

Crispy Green Inc., maker of Crispy Fruit, the top-selling freeze-dried fruit snack in the US, introduces Piña Picante, the company’s newest line of dried pineapple snacks packed with a flavorful twist.

Piña Picante starts with premium pineapple from Costa Rica infused with bold flavors before drying. The snack, made with simple, clean ingredients, delivers a distinctive, flavorful sensation in every bite.

This premium pineapple snack is available in three bold and spicy flavors: Chili LimeGinger Lime and Coco Chili Tamarindo. Made with high-quality dried pineapple and infused with a stimulating blend of bold flavors, Piña Picante’s natural sweet and sour pineapple taste and the hot and tongue-tingling sensation energize the palate like nothing else. Plus, it contains no added sugar or preservatives!

Chile Chile, the newest flavor of Piña Picante, available in early March, was created for spicy lovers by blending two different types of chili – cayenne and habanero – giving it the extra kick for a taste sensation filled with spiciness from beginning to end.

Developing Piña Picante was a labor of love by Crispy Green founder and CEO Angela Liu, who spent countless hours in the kitchen combining the right ingredients to create a genuinely innovative snack line inspired by the Latin culture, serving fresh fruits with salt, lime juice and spicy peppers.

“Pineapple’s sweet and sour taste blends harmoniously with a savory flavor. My goal was to create a dried fruit product that’s fun to eat while offering a balanced flavor that permeates every bite for a snacking experience like no other,” Liu says.

Purchase Piña Picante directly from Crispy Green’s online store and use coupon code Superbowl2024 for a special offer. Look for Piña Picante’s newest flavor Chile Chile, available mid-March.

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