January 24, 2022

Daiya is Making Waves in Plant-based Mac & Cheeze with Bold New Packaging Design and Exciting New Flavor

The latest release from Daiya — the most trusted dairy-free cheese brand in North America and pioneer of plant-based products — is here to indulge your cravings! First launched in 2015, Daiya Deluxe Mac & Cheeze is better than ever, with a decadent sauce texture and consistency that’s ready to go in a convenient, pour-and-stir sauce pouch. With a fresh, vibrant look and the tastiest, plant-based and gluten-free pasta available, Daiya Deluxe Mac & Cheeze now comes in six tempting varieties:

  • Cheddar Jalapeño Style – new
    • (The bold and mildly spicy kick of Jalapeños that consumers love is available at Whole Foods Market stores in the US beginning in February)
  • White Cheddar Style
  • Cheddar Style
  • Alfredo Style
  • Four Cheeze Style with Herbs
  • Meatless Bac’n & Cheddar Style

“If you’re looking to leap into 2022 with tasty, plant-based foods at the dinner table, Daiya’s better-than-ever Deluxe Mac & Cheeze varieties will no doubt bowl you over with unexpected flavor that you may not expect from a dairy-free version,” said Dan Hua, VP of Marketing at Daiya. “Our appetizing alternatives to the ‘tried and true’ that you grew up with will introduce your family to something new while setting you up on a path of discovery – one delicious bite at a time.”

Hungry yet? Here are three tasty recipes to try tonight:

  • Mac & Cheeze with Roasted Butternut Squash & Kale — Take your “greens game” up a notch with this twist on Daiya Alfredo-Style Mac & Cheeze. Add in-season vegetables like squash and kale to create a satisfyingly creamy and delicious plant-based dish in minutes.
  • Baked Buffalo Mac and Cheeze — This mouth-watering mix of cauliflower, garlic, onions, celery and Daiya Deluxe Mac & Cheeze Cheddar Style will become a family favorite before everyone’s plates are even clean. After just 15 minutes of preparation and 45 minutes to cook, you’ll be enjoying this tasty, spicy delight in no time!
  • Mac n’ Cheeze Pizza — If you haven’t tried this yet, what are you waiting for? Load a pre-baked, gluten-free pizza crust with a cup (or more!) of prepared Daiya Deluxe Mac & Cheeze, then top it off with a thin layer of Daiya Cheddar-Style Shreds. Bake and serve for one flavorful and “cheezy” experience.

To learn more about the Daiya Deluxe Mac & Cheeze and to find it at a store near you, click here https://ca.daiyafoods.com/our-foods/cheezy-mac/.

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