March 22, 2024

Darigold Joins Forces with Big Geyser for Distribution Throughout New York City Area

Seattle-based Darigold, one of the nation’s largest dairy producers and an iconic brand in the Pacific Northwest, has joined forces with Big Geyser, one of the nation’s largest and most influential non-alcoholic beverage distributors. Through the partnership, Big Geyser will exclusively distribute the full-line of Darigold flavored and white milk in single-serve bottles throughout its New York territory. The move comes as Darigold looks to establish its brand nationally. This is the first time Darigold will be sold on the East Coast.

For decades, Big Geyser has represented some of the hottest brands in the beverage sector – brands like Essentia Water, Celsius Energy Drink, C-4, Poppi, Hint, Electrolit, Sparkling Ice, Florida’s Natural, Calypso and Hal’s New York, among many others. As one of the largest beverage distributors on the East Coast, Big Geyser has direct relationships with all grocery, drug stores, convenience, mass merchandisers, club and corporate/institutional food service providers throughout the greater New York area.

“We have set our sights on establishing Darigold as a national, consumer brand,” said Dan Hofmeister, president of Darigold’s business to consumer division. “Given the sheer size of the New York market and Big Geyser’s incredible reach and reputation, we believe this is a great opportunity to turn more consumers on to Darigold. What’s more, as one of the most influential pop culture and media markets in the country, the visibility boost stands to be really significant for us as we look to strengthen awareness of the Darigold brand.”

“We have a 38-year track record of identifying emerging brands with significant upside potential and helping them get to the next level through successful launch in one of the most influential cities in the world – New York,” said Jerry Reda, president and chief operating officer at Big Geyser. “Darigold has the hallmarks of a great national brand, with milk from farms that are ideally suited to producing top-quality dairy and beloved products in and around its Seattle home. We think they’re a great addition to our lineup of favored beverage brands, and consumers around New York are in for a treat when they choose any Darigold flavored milk.”

Through the partnership with Big Geyser, the all-natural Darigold aseptic single-serve milks, including chocolate, strawberry and white milk, are widely available throughout the New York area at delis, cafés, grocery, drug, convenience, bagel, bodegas and other specialty food stores, among others. Darigold produces its aseptic milk in its two aseptic production facilities, which are among the largest and most technically advanced in the country.

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