DIGIORNO and STOUFFER’S Launch New Products with Plant-based Innovation December 5, 2019

DIGIORNO and STOUFFER’S Launch New Products with Plant-based Innovation

Nestlé will launch new meatless DIGIORNO and STOUFFER’S offerings made with SWEET EARTH Awesome Grounds, a plant-based ground beef alternative.

DIGIORNO Rising Crust Meatless Supreme with SWEET EARTH Awesome Grounds and STOUFFER’S Meatless Lasagna with SWEET EARTH Awesome Grounds can satisfy consumers who are looking for convenient and meat-free options from popular brands.

According to officials, consumers are increasingly showing interest in adopting a ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle—making an active choice to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets, while occasionally eating meat or fish. Referring to a consumer survey commissioned by Nestlé USA, nearly half of the participants have either integrated plant-based meat into their diet or would consider doing so long-term. Also, three in 10 who have not yet tried plant-based meat responded that would do so if they had the opportunity.

“There’s no denying the current modern food movement is revolutionizing the plant-based space,” said John Carmichael, President of the Foods Division at Nestlé. “By adding SWEET EARTH Awesome Grounds to STOUFFER’S and DIGIORNO’s offerings, we’re able to offer our consumers that chance to incorporate plant-based meals into their diets while still enjoying the same convenience and delicious flavor of brands they know and trust.”

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