November 11, 2021

Dream Pops Shelf-Stable Confections to Launch at Whole Foods Markets

Dream Pops, a leading frozen novelty company specialized in manufacturing plant-based, low-calorie pops and bites, will officially enter the confectionery aisle in 2022, including shelf-stable confections and desserts.

David Greenfeld, the CEO and Co-Founder of Dream Pops, expects the new products to maintain similar nutrition profiles to its core frozen treats made with coconut sugar and other better-for-you, plant-based ingredients. “An increasing number of American consumers are craving traditional sweet treats without all the junk, like artificial flavors, corn syrup and sugar, driving a number of emerging brands to reinvent classic items, such as KitKat and Peanut Butter Cups, with a health and wellness twist,” he said. “Dream Pops is thrilled to be part of this movement to help everyday shoppers eat better without sacrificing on taste.”

The category expansion comes on the heels of Dream Pops’ recent successful $6 million fundraising. Greenfeld said, “In this round, we were eager to bring together a multi-faceted group of investors, entrepreneurs and institutions that believes in funding a challenger brand that can offer the same indulgent products as confectionery heavyweights but with 100 percent plant-based and better-for-you ingredients.”

The $210.3 billion global confectionery market is expanding rapidly and is expected to reach $270.5 billion in sales by 2027, registering a CAGR of 3.6 percent during the forecast period, according to Allied Market Research. Greenfeld believes Dream Pops will be uniquely positioned to compete in this fast-growing sector, even as the sugar reduction trend marches on. “We are targeting American cult classic treats and re-imagining them with clean and better-for-you, plant-based ingredients. We are also using this capital to double down on our manufacturing, launch new frozen and nonfrozen innovations, scale DTC and build our team,” he said.

Dream Pops has received Whole Foods Market Global authorization, which will make Dream Pops Bites available across the world in September. “Our 100 percent plant-based and better-for-you treats are here to stay, and we can’t wait for consumers globally to discover our brand and add them to their daily dessert routine,” Greenfeld said.

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