Driscoll’s Donating $4 Million in COVID-19 Response April 9, 2020

Driscoll’s Donating $4 Million in COVID-19 Response

Driscoll’s is donating more than $4 million to a variety of charitable funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to media reports, the money includes $2.5 million for the US and Canada, $1 million for central Mexico and Baja and $500,000 for Europe and Morocco. The company is also donated $500,000 in berry donations to first responders and hospitals in New York City.

CEO J. Miles Reiter said in The Produce News report that the first $1 million was given in March to support health care services in California, one of the company’s biggest growing regions.

“We believe it’s our responsibility during these challenging times to support communities who are working tirelessly to bring fresh, healthy berries to families,” said Reiter. “Agriculture is an impactful kind of business that relies on human and environmental resources. We are responsible for what we do and how we do it, and are moving quickly to deploy donated resources for the largest community impact.”

Driscoll’s President Soren Bjorn spoke to The Packer last week about the status of the company amid COVID-19 supply concerns and more.

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