October 19, 2023

Eastern Fish Introduces Golden Harvest Dim Sum Line to Retail Stores

Eastern Fish, a leading name in premium seafood products, introduces the Golden Harvest Dim Sum Line offering an enticing selection of dim sum and presenting seafood enthusiasts with an array of culinary experiences to savor. The products debuted at retail stores on Oct. 1.

The Golden Harvest Dim Sum Line comprises four distinct products, each designed to deliver exceptional taste and convenience. From your freezer to your table, these dishes are prepared within minutes.

  • The Shrimp Wonton features ten crispy wontons stuffed with succulent shrimp, carrot and sesame, perfect for air frying or baking and served with a Thai chili sauce.
  • The Shrimp Dumpling Triooffers a variety pack of ten dumplings, each with its distinct taste—shrimp dumplings filled with succulent shrimp, shrimp and ginger dumplings infused with water chestnut and carrot and shrimp and chive dumplings with spinach and shiitake mushrooms. These dumplings can be quickly prepared, either steamed or microwaved.
  • The Shrimp Shumai showcases ten shrimp shumai complemented by water chestnut and carrot, paired with a tangy ponzu sauce that elevates the dining experience.
  • Lastly, the Shrimp Spring Rolloffers 12 spring rolls generously filled with shrimp, bamboo shoot and a touch of sesame oil.

“Our aim with this line is to provide a convenient yet authentic dim sum experience for our customers,” said Bart Dewing, Executive Chef at Eastern Fish, “We meticulously crafted these products to ensure they meet the highest culinary standards while offering the convenience of quick preparation.”

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