September 19, 2023

Enrich Foods Partners with AgriCapture to Bring Sustainably Grown, Certified Climate-Friendly Rice to Grocery Store Shelves under Great River Milling Brand

Enrich Foods, LLC a Columbia Grain International company, announces a strategic partnership with AgriCapture, a mission-driven technology company that provides agricultural solutions to climate change. Enrich Foods will source certified climate-friendly, sustainably farmed and harvested rice from US farms and bring this premium, nutrient-dense household staple to grocery stores across the US under the Great River Milling brand.

“This partnership with AgriCapture reinforces our commitment to agricultural sustainability,” shares Bill Germano COO of Enrich Foods. “Consumers now have a choice to contribute to a sustainable food system by purchasing long grain white or brown rice that has been grown and harvested in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil health, and conserve water.”

The paradigm is shifting towards climate-friendly sustainable agriculture, utilizing practices that not only address environmental concerns, but also have a profound impact on safeguarding groundwater resources. One crop that has potential to make a significant impact in the advances toward climate-friendly farming is the cultivation of sustainable rice.

“By 2030, conventional rice cultivation will be responsible for 23 percent of agriculture’s contribution to global warming,” states Tyler Hull, President of AgriCapture. “With funding from the USDA, AgriCapture is bringing 425 million pounds of climate-friendly rice to market by 2025. We rely on partners like Enrich Foods to bring this product to market making it accessible for everyone at home.”

Great River Milling climate-friendly long grain white and brown rice will be available for consumer purchase on Amazon early October 2023 and appearing on store shelves in early 2024. For product and pricing information, contact Craig Adams at or 608-863-2131.

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