December 12, 2023

EQUII Launches Added Fiber Version of Pioneering Complete Protein Breads, Setting New Standard for Nutritional Bread

EQUII, the trailblazing complete protein bread pioneer, has unveiled its latest triumph in nutritional innovation – the introduction of its new EQUII Complete Protein and Added Fiber breads, which are available in both Premium Classic Wheat + Fiber and Premium Multi-Grain + Fiber. These new exceptional breads are set to redefine the nutritional value of a daily staple with an impressive 4 grams of dietary fiber per slice as well as 8 grams of complete protein.

Dietary fiber plays a crucial role in maintaining digestive health and promoting healthy glucose and insulin responses following a meal. EQUII’s new Complete Protein and Added Fiber breads, which are available for purchase both on the EQUII website and Amazon storefront, provide a delicious and convenient way for consumers to incorporate these essential elements into their daily diet. With the addition of fiber to their unique complete protein breads, EQUII can now boast of the most complete nutritional profile of any bread on the market, providing 15 percent Daily Value of Protein, 14 percent Daily Value of Fiber and 45 percent less net carbs in one slice. This achievement is a testament to EQUII’s commitment to not only delivering a superior taste experience but also unparalleled nutritional benefits.

“Getting added fiber into our beads is a huge milestone for EQUII underscoring our commitment to balanced nutrition on the plate that is applicable to all dietary lifestyles, especially those of a vegan nature,” said EQUII Co-Founder and Co-CEO Monica Bhatia.

EQUII’s Complete Protein and Added Fiber breads are also a reflection of its commitment to sustainability. Complete proteins, containing all nine essential amino acids vital for human well-being, are typically found in animal products, however, by offering plant-based complete protein breads, EQUII provides consumers with sustainable nutritional alternatives, addressing concerns related to the environmental impact of animal agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions.

The launch of the Complete Protein and Added Fiber breads comes at the end of a 2023 that has been marked by significant growth and achievement for EQUII. In addition to winning the Fi Innovation Award for Most Innovative Food & Beverage Ingredient and adding renowned baker Chad Robertson of Tartine as an EQUII Ambassador, the brand has expanded its presence in retail locations across the country. EQUII breads are now available at Diablo Foods and Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in the Bay Area, Fairway Markets in New York City and the EQUII bread mix is being utilized in the bakery at various Central Market locations in Texas as well as in exclusive restaurants such as The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Expanding into Added Fiber breads marks another milestone showcasing EQUII’s dedication to providing nutritious, sustainable and delicious options for consumers seeking better-for-you foods.

For additional information about EQUII’s new Added Fiber breads, please visit: EQUII.


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