January 17, 2024

Flashfood Announces New Executives and Unveils a New Visual Identity

Flashfood has announced the appointment of current President and Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Bertram as Chief Executive Officer, while Founder Josh Domingues moves into the Executive Chairman role. In addition, Chief Brand Officer Jordan Schenck takes on the newly created role of Chief Customer Officer. The new visual identity is rooted in a bold new mission: for every family to eat well, without compromise. In a letter posted to the company’s website, Bertram introduces a new era.

Bertram joined Flashfood a year ago, bringing more than two decades of experience leading retail transformation. Since his arrival, Bertram has focused on developing Flashfood’s internal infrastructure and technology to prepare the company for a period of hypergrowth. “This past year has been about readiness: developing our architecture so it can support the adoption of generative AI and machine learning, which is essential to deliver maximum value for our shoppers and retail partners and ultimately achieve the global scale our critical mission demands of us,” said Bertram. “This new visual identity for Flashfood represents the external layer of so much work underneath the surface by hard working team members across the company, and it’s such a pure, joyful expression of our optimism for the future of Flashfood.”

Familiar Face, New Look
Newly appointed Chief Customer Officer Jordan Schenck led development of the new brand in partnership with New York-based design and branding agency PORTO ROCHA. With a new icon, logo, type and color Flashfood explores the expression of the joy that happens when its shoppers save money on groceries. The icon plays with the universally recognizable grocery bag with an optimistic twist. The new color, Blueberry, is a bright blue palette that’s vibrant and energetic.

Passing the Torch
In his new role as Executive Chairman, Founder Josh Domingues will lead Flashfood’s strategic expansion initiatives, corporate development and continue to serve as an active voice for the company. Reflecting on the transition, Domingues said, “I founded Flashfood eight years ago to address an ambitious, urgent problem in our food system. Then and today, I believe this problem is solvable and I am immensely optimistic about the future. I could not be more excited to hand the reins over to someone I have full confidence in – someone who I have worked alongside for almost a year and who has earned my trust.”

The Board of Directors foresees a bright future for the fast-growing company. “Flashfood is a category-defining company making tangible progress towards delivering a better, healthier and more sustainable food system,” said S2G Ventures Sr. Managing Director and OpenTable Founder Chuck Templeton. “In my experience, marketplaces like Flashfood that drive real tangible value and utility for their customers have exponential opportunity to scale, and that’s the trajectory the company is on.”

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