January 8, 2024

Folgers Black Silk Beats Starbucks French Roast in Blind Taste Test

Folgers conducted a blind taste test to show they are the preferred coffee — according to an independent taste test of coffee drinkers across eight major US markets, the majority of participants preferred Folgers Black Silk coffee over Starbucks French Roast.

Big Village Insights, conducted the taste test in October 2022. The double-blind taste test consisted of 399 qualifying adults. Completed interviews were balanced on age, gender and race. Each consumer who took part in the study prepared and consumed regular ground coffee in their homes at least three days per week and usually drank dark roast coffee. For the test, Big Village Insights used test products purchased at retail, tested each brand’s dark roast flavor (Folgers Black Silk versus Starbucks French Roast), brewed the coffee using two new, identical coffee makers and served it with the option for participants to add in their normal amount of sweetener/creamer to each cup.

The study results show a statistically significant consumer preference for the taste of Folgers Black Silk more than Starbucks French Roast:

  • Among all 399 participants, 60 percent preferred Folgers Black Silk coffee, compared to 35 percent who chose Starbucks French Roast and 5 percent who expressed no preference.
  • Of those 379 participants who did have a preference, 63 percent favored Folgers Black Silk coffee, versus 37 percent for Starbucks French Roast.

Today, Folgers is launching a new campaign that leverages the claim that Black Silk is preferred more than Starbucks French Roast. The brand is inviting people to put the claim to the test and try it for themselves. The campaign brings a series of videos and social posts that mimic the POV trend we see in social media – where people show images and videos of relatable moments from their point of view

You can visit Folgers Taste Test to learn more.

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