Free Wholesale Reordering App Mable Launched to Serve Grocers April 29, 2020

Free Wholesale Reordering App Mable Launched to Serve Grocers

Mable has launched a free, instant, wholesale reordering app for food and beverage retailers. Mable’s new app allows grocers of all sizes to keep their shelves stocked with essentials – from pasta to toilet paper – and also maintains a route to market for small producers.

Free to download on iOS and Android, the app enables buyers to reorder items instantly via UPC scan or product search, as well as provides filters to help source local products. Simplifying the process at a time when businesses are understaffed and overwhelmed, stores can add their current suppliers and distribution partners for easy restocking and orders can be placed with multiple vendors simultaneously. In addition to reordering, stores can browse and purchase new products on the app. Buyers can access the product portfolios of more than 250 independently owned, emerging brands. Mable provides transparency on order minimums, pricing and order history to help buyers reorder seamlessly at the right time to avoid carrying excess, or running out of stock.

“At least a third of our retail customers have been negatively affected by COVID-19. Many are struggling to provide safe work conditions, while simultaneously managing new processes like curbside pickup with limited resources,” says Mable CEO Arik Keller. “More than ever, store owners don’t have a moment to spare right now and Mable’s new app saves precious time with instant reordering to keep shelves stocked with minimal human contact.”

Mable does not charge retailers or vendors with existing relationships to do business through the platform. Vendors are only charged a 10 percent wholesale transaction fee for orders generated by new retail customers.

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