June 13, 2024

FrieslandCampina to Highlight Products, Sustainability Initiatives, at Summer Fancy Food Show

FrieslandCampina, the world’s largest Gouda and Dutch cheese producer and one of the largest US importers of specialty cheeses, invites attendees to explore their newly updated and interactive booth at the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show, June 23 – June 25 at Jacob Javitz Convention Center.

Visitors to Booth #658 will learn about FrieslandCampina’s ‘Nourishing A Better Planet Sustainability Program,’ designed to create positive impacts now and for future generations. For FrieslandCampina, sustainability means having a positive impact on farmers, societies and the planet. The company aims to create a better living for farmers, produce in balance with nature and nourish the world’s growing population with better and affordable nutrition. Their sustainability strategy is interwoven throughout the entire organization, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come and is based on six key pillars:

  • Better nutrition, making it affordable for everyone and expanding access for lower-income groups worldwide.
  • Better living for farmers, ensuring the highest possible performance price for member dairy farmers and training 75,000 local farmers through dairy development activities.
  • Better climate, committing to a neutral future by reducing more than a third of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Better nature and improved biodiversity among the 2,750 cooperative member dairy farmers, who are rewarded through the Focus Planet system.
  • Better packaging, using 100 percent recyclable and reusable materials, with more than 99 percent of waste materials being reused.
  • Better sourcing, utilizing 100 percent responsibly and sustainably sourced agricultural raw materials, with 95 percent traceable raw materials.

The booth’s innovative design reflects FrieslandCampina’s sustainability ethos and features interactive displays to provide an engaging experience. Highlights at the show will include the debut of New Gayo Azul® Queso Fresco. The renowned Hispanic cheesemaker with a Dutch influence, Gayo Azul®, introduces the authentic taste of Hispanic cheese with this latest item. Crafted with high-quality ingredients and tradition, Gayo Azul Queso Fresco offers a fresh and creamy flavor to elevate any dish. Also debuting with be A Dutch Masterpiece Rembrandt® New 12-Month PDO. This Gouda is made using milk from North Holland and stamped with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) ensuring that the cheese made uses traditional quality and characteristics of the geographical region. Rembrandt is aged 12 months and has a smooth, bold flavor with caramel notes and crystallization.

Also featured will be:

Royal Hollandia’s Limited Flavors Collection, presenting an enticing selection of four distinct flavors that are set to delight cheese enthusiasts and culinary aficionados. The lineup includes Black Garlic Gouda, Walnut Gouda and Very Berry Goat Cheese. Each flavor combines high-quality ingredients with unique tastes.

A Dutch Masterpiece celebrates the art of Dutch cheese-making with an award-winning lineup of premium aged cheeses, each named after a famous Dutch painter: Rembrandt, Vermeer (6-month PDO) and Frans Hals. Additionally, Parrano cheese captures the nutty flavor and buttery aroma of aged Parmesan, finished with the smooth, creamy texture of Dutch Gouda. Parrano’s selection includes wheels and wedges, versatile enough to cut, shred and melt.

Josh Rosen, Senior Brand Manager at FrieslandCampina, said, “The debut of Gayo Azul Queso Fresco and A Dutch Masterpiece Rembrandt 12 Month PDO in particular, represents our commitment to pushing culinary boundaries and providing unique taste experiences for our valued customers. We can’t wait to share these new offerings and engage with attendees who share our passion for premium dairy products.”

FrieslandCampina cheeses are the 2024 Winners of the World Cheese Championships, taking Gold for Gayo Azul Mature Edam and Robusto and winning awards for Gayo Azul Edam and Royal Hollandia Mild Goat.

Visit FrieslandCampina at Booth #648 to learn more about their sustainability initiatives and taste the best in dairy.

For more information about FrieslandCampina and its brands, visit FrieslandCampina.

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