January 12, 2022

Future of Cheese Prepares to Launch E-Commerce Retail Store

Organic Garage, one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocers, has announced that its plant-based food company, Future of Cheese, is preparing to launch its own e-commerce store within the first quarter of this year, where its complete line of dairy alternative products will be offered for sale across Canada.

Future of Cheese’s Ripened Brie was named the “World’s most realistic vegan brie” by US-based VegNews.

“Since our launch, we have been inundated with requests for orders from customers across Canada and the US, asking if they can buy direct,” stated Jen Wojtaszek, President of Future of Cheese. “The plant-based food trend combined with the necessity of online grocery shopping has accelerated our plans to launch our ecommerce retail platform in order to meet the growing demand from the click-to-table digital shopper.”

With online grocery sales in the US topping nearly $100 Billion USD in 2021, and more than 70 percent of households having placed at least one online grocery order during the year, the company believes that accelerating the plans to roll out its online shopping platform will quickly expand its reach to new customers and add direct-to-consumer sales. The company also plans to highly curate the shopping experience, providing customers with a detailed walk-through of each product from its nutritional values to the unique processes used to produce each item, something that is challenging to do through traditional retail.

“We want the customer to be educated and inspired when they choose to purchase our products, the same way I visit a table in my restaurants to personally walk a diner through the process of creating the food that they will experience and leave them with the satisfaction that we care deeply about the food and products we are providing,” said Craig Harding, Co-Founder and Culinary Director of Future of Cheese.

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