June 26, 2020

Gerber Launches Two Gummy Multivitamins for Kids

Gerber this week announced the launch of two gummy multivitamins: Grow Mighty and Lil’ Brainies. These are backed by the Nestlé Feeding Infants & Toddlers Study (FITS), the largest dietary intake study in the US that examines what and how young children eat every day. Gerber Gummy Multivitamins are specially designed for young children two years and older to support healthy growth and development. Gerber Gummy Multivitamins have essential nutrients at appropriate levels to help kids get what they need and are made in natural fruit flavors that little ones love, without the artificial flavors and colors.

According to FITS research, many toddlers and pre-schoolers aren’t eating a well-balanced diet made up of foods from each food group. More than a quarter (27 percent) do not eat a single serving of vegetables on a given day. The research shows that as children are exposed to a wider range of foods, they often begin to consume a diet lacking in certain key nutrients. Multivitamins can supplement a growing child’s diet, helping to ensure that they have all of the hard-to-get nutrients needed for healthy growth and development.

A majority of children ages two to four aren’t eating certain foods such as fish, that contain DHA, an Omega 3 type fat. Lil’ Brainies Multivitamins are formulated with Omega Tri-Blend from chia seed oil, plant-based DHA and choline to help kids get these nutrients during the important stage of exploration and early learning. Grow Mighty Complete Multivitamins contain key nutrients for immune, bone and eye health as well as brain development, giving little ones a complete range of vitamins for healthy growth from top to toe. Both Gerber Gummy Multivitamins contain no GMOs and are gluten-free.

“FITS research shows that many toddlers are falling short on foods and nutrients needed for growth and development, such as vegetables, dairy and healthy fats,” said Dr. Erin Quann, Registered Dietitian and Head of Medical Affairs at Gerber/Nestlé Nutrition. “Gerber Gummy Multivitamins were developed by food scientists and Registered Dietitians and based on nearly 20 years of dietary research among young children, to help fill common nutritional gaps. Created with the right amounts of vitamins D, E and choline – critical vitamins that many children lack – our gummy multivitamins can help round out little ones’ diets to ensure they get off to the right start.”

Gerbers’ gummies contain no peanuts, dairy or gelatin, just natural flavors and nutrients that kids need to thrive.

Both Grow Mighty and Lil’ Brainies are available to purchase online at Amazon.com and can be found in stores this summer.

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