July 26, 2019

Giant Eagle Partners with Grabango for Checkout-free Experience

Giant Eagle, one of the grocery industry’s leading food, fuel and pharmacy retailers is partnering with Grabango, a leading provider of checkout-free shopping technology for brick and mortar retailers, to launch a pilot program curated to provider shoppers with an efficient checkout experience. 

Grabango, a mobile app-based company, has created a “checkout-free” shopping experience for customers to avoid long grocery lines and conveyor belts altogether. If proven successful, Grabango will continue to expand to other Giant Eagle locations and various leading grocery stores within the US. 

Waiting in the checkout line is the top complaint amongst US grocery shoppers, according to recent research findings included in Grabango’s press release. Giant Eagle and Grabango are aiming to provide a solution for this consistent pain point felt by many consumers. 

Grabango’s check-out free technology allows for shoppers to enter the store and shop normally while keeping the mobile app open and running. The more advanced checkout-free system automatically keeps a running total of the items each shopper selects. Facial recognition technology is not used, rather the solution utilizes computer vision and machine learning to track shopped items, according to the press release.  

Once the consumer completes their shopping, they can pay with any tender they choose in the traditional POS system, or they can opt for paying through the app via credit or debit card. Either way the hassle of placing items on a conveyer belt is completely eliminated, which enhances and changes the way people shop. Customers can also receive digital receipts, which can date back as far as a year, and are even able to use coupons for specific items.

Will Glaser, Grabango’s CEO, expressed his gratitude toward Giant Eagle. “Giant Eagle has been a fantastic partner on this groundbreaking project,” Glaser said. “We are excited to be announcing our first checkout-free partnership with a major US retailer. Together, we are offering a technology that is seamless and equitable for all.”





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