January 13, 2022

Green Planet Launches Organic Urban Farm

Green Planet Group, an emerging leader in green technology, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Healing the Earth launched its urban farm operation last week. The company has trademarked the name “Healing the Earth Farms” as its brand name for all growing activities.

The farm will utilize its patented growing technology to both demonstrate its effectiveness in growing 100 percent organic food with 97 percent less water, using no soil or chemical fertilizers, while accelerating growing time by as much as 300 percent. The farm will begin growing three varieties of micro-greens, a Kalefetti, Radish and a Spicy Micro mix. The “living” micro-greens are harvested with their roots intact which improves shelf life while maintaining taste and nutrition values.

The Healing the Earth Farms label includes a QR code which will permit the retail customer to connect directly to its website to obtain additional product information and suggested recipes from Chef Alex. In addition, Chef Alex will begin a promotion whereby customers can submit their recipes for cash rewards. Also, in an effort to address world hunger, a portion of monthly revenues will be divided between two non-profits that provide direct help to people in Nigeria and South Sudan. Gerald Walker, Chairman/CEO of bizCbook.com has committed to help the company establish food growing systems in both countries.

The farm will harvest food every day, 365 days per year and will begin delivering its products to up-scale grocery chains in the fourth week of this month, at the rate of 280 units per day or 8,500 units per month. Projected monthly revenues will be $21,000. Revenues will grow as additional growing systems come online. In addition, the company expects that by operating its in-house farm successfully, it will accelerate sales of growing systems by demonstrating its revolutionary technology as proven.


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