October 27, 2023

Health Nut and Litehouse Inc. Bring Fresh-Inspired Salad Dressings to Retail 

Health Nut, the restaurant chain known for its simple ingredients, trending salads and beloved recipes, has partnered with Litehouse Inc., America’s No. 1 refrigerated dressing brand, to bring its dressings to mass retailers. Recognizing the growing demand from its customers in stores, online and on social media, the new Health Nut dressings will provide consumers across the country the same fresh tasting flavors they’ve seen on TV, inspired by the restaurant’s popular homemade family recipes.

Public recognition of the Health Nut brand soared in 2015 when its iconic salad bowls began regularly appearing on the hit show Keeping Up with The Kardashians & The Kardashians, making the chain’s Calabasas location a destination for fans and locals. This new partnership with Litehouse will expand Health Nut’s dressings footprint nationwide, making it easier for consumers to find and indulge in the iconic dressing flavors.

Arriving just in time for salad season, Health Nut dressings are set to hit stores in spring 2024. The new refrigerated salad dressings will honor Health Nut’s commitment to quality, freshness and clean ingredients suitable for a variety of dietary needs and preferences, meeting the demands from younger consumers across the nation. This unique lineup of dressings feature the restaurant’s most popular flavors including Original House, Spicy Asian, Sesame and Ranch.

“Our loyal fans and customers have long been asking for a convenient way to find and buy our famous dressings that they’ve seen on TV and on social media,” said Steve Choi, CEO of Health Nut. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Litehouse to make Health Nut dressings more accessible to all our fans nationwide, while delivering on our promise to provide fresh meals without compromising flavor.”

A leader in refrigerated salad dressings, dips, sauces and other innovative consumer packaged goods for more than 60 years, Litehouse continues to build its presence at retail and across categories by extending its culinary expertise and manufacturing capabilities to trending brands. The Health Nut partnership will introduce younger consumers to the refrigerated dressing set in the produce department and grow the overall category with unique, flavor-forward products from a beloved restaurant chain.

“Younger consumers continue to seek lighter food options and often use social media for meal inspiration, so we are thrilled to tap into a buzzworthy brand like Health Nut to bring these delicious dressings to millions of homes nationwide,” said Theresa Lindholm, brand manager at Litehouse. “Health Nut’s simple, high-quality ingredients and recipes align with our desire to deliver flavorful and innovative products that meet the needs of today’s consumer.”

The new dressings are available in four restaurant menu-inspired flavors:

  • Original House: Health Nut’s signature dressing combines a rich and subtle Italian taste with unique notes of apple cider vinegar and olive oil.
  • Spicy Asian: One of Health Nut’s most popular restaurant dressings, this delicious combination of spicy and sweet has notes of cayenne pepper and sesame.
  • Sesame: Initially created for Health Nut’s Chinese Chicken Salad, this subtly sweet dressing has notes of sesame and umami flavor.
  • Ranch: A classic flavor balanced with notes of buttermilk and herbs.

Health Nut salad dressings will be available in the refrigerated produce department at grocery retailers nationwide in spring 2024 with an MSRP of $4.98 to $5.49.


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