November 11, 2021

HEINZ Gravy Releases First-Ever Children’s Book, “Grace and the Gravy Pirates,” This Thanksgiving

HEINZ Gravy will soon make its annual pilgrimage to dinner tables across the country to bring out the best flavors in our favorite Thanksgiving dishes, making everything from turkey to mashed potatoes taste even more delicious. While Thanksgiving ranks as the second most popular holiday in Americaand is beloved by grown-ups, children sometimes feel otherwise. They’re dealt long car rides, boring adult conversations and deprived of candy, costumes and fireworks. This year, HEINZ Gravy is making Thanksgiving more magical for families–especially kids–with its first-ever children’s book, “Grace and the Gravy Pirates,” transforming the iconic gravy boat into a whimsical adventure.

“For generations, HEINZ has helped people find the magic in the everyday moments and the special occasions that bring us together like Thanksgiving. We all love Thanksgiving but know it can be dry at times for kids,” said Kaitlyn Kicia, Marketing Lead, HEINZ Gravy. “We believe a good story always makes things more interesting, so we’re on a mission to fight dryness by releasing an original children’s book inspired by our favorite Thanksgiving sauce and bring some much-needed entertainment to younger readers.”

“Grace and the Gravy Pirates,” inspired by the iconic Thanksgiving gravy boat that comes out once a year, tells the story of a young girl and her formidable pirate pals, who embark on an adventurous voyage to fight all the things that make the holiday dry: dry food, dry conversation and lack of fun family activities. Grace and her mighty band of Gravy Pirates save the day–and the delicious meal–to make Thanksgiving even more magical, all with beautiful, full-page illustrations charting their adventure.

Families can watch Grace and her gravy boat set sail through the streets of Manhattan during the upcoming 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®.

The book is available to download in free eBook format on Amazon. You can also enter for a chance to win pirate’s treasure including a limited-edition print copy of “Grace and the Gravy Pirates” so you and your family can make Thanksgiving extra special and join the fight against dryness. Visit the Heinz Twitter (@HeinzTweets) or Instagram (@heinz) now through Nov. 15 for more details on how to win.





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