June 24, 2022

HelloFresh Launches New Original Twitch Series: Unleash the Feast

HelloFresh, today the world’s leading integrated food solutions group announced the launch of a new original live competitive cooking series titled Unleash the Feast, premiering today, June 21, on Twitch. With HelloFresh serving as the series title sponsor, the 6-episode series brings together Twitch streamers each week for an interactive and entertaining cooking tournament that showcases the fun of cooking with a competitive twist. Soe Gschwind and Guy Blaze will host the show and feature Chef Tricia Wang as the Feast Master. Fans and followers are also invited to get involved in the action through various interactive elements.

Airing live on Tuesdays, Unleash the Feast pits three popular streamers against one another as they compete in a series of head-to-head cooking tasks, challenges and games with the goal of preparing and cooking a HelloFresh meal. Contestants will have to tackle various trivia, technical and physical challenges throughout the competition which will grant them the ability to hinder their competitors’ tools and cooking strategies.

Each episode will center around a specific theme that will be revealed to contestants at the start of the show by the hosts. Contestants will then prepare their meals, adding their own individual flair based on the presented theme. Feast Master Chef Tricia Wang will also be in the kitchen, offering up her culinary expertise and advice to guide the contestants throughout the competition. At the end of each episode, the two hosts, Feast Master and Twitch Chat will be responsible for judging the dish based on visual appeal and interpretation of the theme.

During the live 75-minute show, consumers will have the opportunity to play an active part in the Unleash the Feast tournament through the interactive and community-based features on Twitch. This includes the ability to critique the contestants alongside the hosts and judges and cast their votes for their favorite dishes.

Participants will have the opportunity to win prizes and exclusive deals throughout the live broadcast, including $120 off HelloFresh meal kits plus free shipping with code: FEAST16.

Unleash the Feast showcases the fun and creativity consumers experience when cooking a HelloFresh meal,” said Jens Reich, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of HelloFresh US. “We’re excited to engage with consumers and fans on Twitch by creating entertaining and original content they can view and interact with. We look forward to seeing the delicious dishes contestants cook up and hope the series inspires viewers to get creative in their own kitchens!”

Unleash the Feast will premiere on June 21 here. The series will air on Tuesdays at 5 pm EST, with the first three episodes running through July 5 and the last three episodes running weekly starting Aug. 16 through Aug. 30. To learn more about Unleash the Feast, click here.



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