March 10, 2022

Hidden Valley Ranch Puts 2-Carat Diamond Made from Ranch up to Bidding

Hidden Valley Ranch is debuting a first-of-its-kind diamond made of Hidden Valley Ranch. Beginning today – National Ranch Day – fans can bid to purchase The Ranch Diamond from Hidden Valley with all proceeds benefiting charity.

Destined to become a conversation piece, the two-carat round brilliant cut diamond was expertly created by a professional diamond maker in a lab by heating Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning to 2,500 degrees and then crushing the output beneath 400 tons of pressure, taking five months total to create. After being polished to perfection, the eye-catching diamond was then set in a 14K white gold band with “HVR LVR” engraved on the inside.

“Last year, when one of our custom Valentine’s Day bottles was used in a marriage proposal, we were inspired,” said Deb Crandall, Marketing Director at Hidden Valley Ranch. “We saw a love of ranch become part of one of life’s most beautiful moments. It made us wonder, how can we make this act of love even more memorable?”

Today through March 17, people can bid on the diamond at The Ranch Diamond, and the winning bidder will receive the Ranch Diamond from Hidden Valley in time for National Proposal Day on March 20. Bidding will start at just $310, in honor of National Ranch Day on March 10, but a diamond made of ranch is truly priceless. All proceeds will benefit Feeding America, and every dollar raised will help provide at least 10 meals.

To learn more about Hidden Valley Ranch, click here.

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