April 25, 2024

HOIST Renews Partnership with Team Red White & Blue

HOIST, one of the fastest growing hydration beverages in the US, is continuing its partnership with Team Red, White & Blue (RWB), the leading health and wellness community for military veterans with more than 200,000 members nationwide.

Now in its third year, the partnership has grown, and HOIST will be sponsoring a leg of the Team RWB Old Glory Relay, where Team RWB brings the beloved American flag from a special trip oversees back to US soil.

Old Glory begins a journey across six states, from Philadelphia to Chicago, moving across the US through the hands of veterans and their supporters. HOIST will be sponsoring the relay from its April 27 Columbus, OH rally stop through the April 29 rally stop in Cincinnati. As a part of this sponsorship, HOIST will be donating gear to sponsored participants as well as donating product, including its military hydration powder sticks, for use along the entire Old Glory Relay. HOIST will also be donating a portion of its e-commerce sales to Team RWB during a July giveback promotion.

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Team Red, White & Blue for three years now, and it’s an honor to collaborate, once again, with an organization that is a symbol of unity, patriotism and support for our veterans,” said HOIST Director of Business Development Rachel Trotta. “We’re looking forward to sponsoring this year’s relay and are proud to have members of the HOIST team participating. Good luck to all those as they embark on this year’s Old Glory mission!”

Team RWB exists to guide veterans through the wellness journey, offering both real-life and virtual opportunities that are focused on building a healthier lifestyle. It encourages a strong focus on mental and physical health to ensure that veterans’ best days are ahead. HOIST provides top of the line hydration, which aids in both mental and physical performance, making this partnership an exemplary pairing. The HOIST product line of IV-level hydration ranges from bottled beverage to powder sticks and liquid pouches, all of which provide three times the electrolytes, half the sugar and no artificial sweeteners or dyes.

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