HomeValet Launches Contactless Home Delivery System April 1, 2020

HomeValet Launches Contactless Home Delivery System

E-commerce players have seen a sharp spike in their online grocery businesses as the new coronavirus spreads and both employees and consumers are leaning toward contact-free solutions to complete their transactions while limiting the spread of contagions and even disinfecting surfaces.

HomeValet‘s patented SaaS platform enables automated delivery of packages, groceries and other goods directly to a secure, temperature-controlled Smart Box placed outside of consumers’ homes. The Smart Box is equipped with the capability to disinfect exposed surfaces of delivered items as well as the interior of the Smart Box between deliveries using UVC light.

At checkout, customers are automatically registered as a “HomeValet shopper.” Deliveries are then tracked and monitored through the HomeValet delivery app all the way to the home, as the platform seamlessly integrates the retailer, courier and shopper from point of sale to delivery.

The HomeValet app allows customers to easily control Smart Box temperature settings, which will enable safe delivery and storage of all perishables, frozen goods and prescription medicines. The Smart Box is easily configured for storage of multiple deliveries, even those requiring different temperature settings. As a result, room temperature, refrigerated, and even frozen items can all be delivered and stored together. Automated age and identity verification through the platform replaces the live signature process for delivery of medicines, alcohol, and any and all personalized items.

This offering is primed to hit markets in the third quarter of 2020.

John Simms, HomeValets’s CEO and Founder said, “HomeValet’s safe delivery method, designed to fit the life of the consumer, eliminates the hassle of missed deliveries and stolen or contaminated packages. We’ve also opened up entirely new sales channels for grocery, alcohol and pharmaceutical delivery.”

“We’re bringing freedom, convenience, and peace of mind to the online consumer,” shares COO and Co-Founder, Jack Simms. “Our platform represents an advancement in retail innovation that will unleash a wave of new opportunities.”

A HomeValet subscription and Smart Box will be sold through retail partners online and in-store, and the HomeValet app can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play.


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