April 26, 2024

Honeymoon: The New Apple Variety that has Shoppers Taking a Bite on the Bright Side

Honeybear Brands, a leading grower, marketer and developer of premium conventional and organic apples, pears and cherries, is shipping a limited amount of their newest released proprietary variety – Honeymoon. This firm, exceptionally clean, yellow variety is an unsuspecting sensation of appearance, flavor and crispness making its debut on the retail apple deck. Sweet and juicy, Honeymoon offers retailers a refreshing color punch in the produce aisle.

This beautiful butter yellow gem offers the bright color break retailers desire while providing a wonderful eating experience. “We are really excited about this variety as we have heard from our retail partners about the proliferation of so many bi-colored red/green apples on their deck and the need for something different. We have been working for more than a decade to develop the right apple cross that could meet both retailer desires and consumer’s high expectations of exceptional apple eating experience,” said Don Roper, vice president sales and marketing, Honeybear Brands. “Unlike other yellow varieties that may lack crispness, Honeymoon has the perfect firm texture combined with a sweet, mellow, tropical flavor profile. It’s a late season variety from Washington with excellent pressures which stores and travels really well. We know shoppers will fall in love with this sunny apple and add it to their favorite fruit rotation.”

Retailers will be able to “put a ring on it” as supply becomes more widely available. The Honeymoon apple is open-pollinated Honeycrisp cross and is the fourth commercial release from Honeybear’s Apple Varietal Development TM program.

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