March 20, 2019

Hormel launches meal kits for those affected with Dysphagia

On March 19, 2019 Hormel Health Labs, of the Hormel Foods Corporation, introduced THICK & EASY™ pureed meal kits to provide nutrition solutions for those suffering from dysphagia. Dysphagia is the medical term for disorders that cause an inability to swallow normal foods and beverages in certain people and can make eating a difficult chore, or hazardous.

Dysphagia affects millions of people, including 1 in 25 adults, and is particularly prevalent among the elderly and those who suffer from multiple sclerosis, dementia, a stroke or an injury to the head and neck.

Preparing meals at home for someone with dysphagia can be difficult as the foods have to be prepared to a specific, standardized consistency for safety and comfort. The new pureed meal kits help individuals and caregivers provide a home-cooked meal with proper consistency and without the hassle. THICK & EASY™ meals were designed by chefs who understand the importance of ease of preparation, but also the need for great flavor and variety.

Each meal kit contains a variety of foods to provide nutrition solutions for any meal. Lunch and dinner kits contain more than 30 items and food for at least six separate meals, including entrees, sides and desserts. Breakfast kits provide enough food for nine or more nutritious meals. The meals have to be steamed or microwaved and are ready to eat.

“Many people who struggle with dysphagia at home resort to eating baby food,” said Tim Garry, director of marketing at Hormel Health Labs. “Offering foods that look and taste great is a big quality of life improvement,” Gary said.

THICK & EASY™ pureed meal kits can be ordered online from, or through most major healthcare distributors. Subscription services are also available.


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