Impossible Foods Launches Impossible Burger August 5, 2019

Impossible Foods Launches Impossible Burger

Impossible Foods launched a co-manufacturing collaboration with a leading global food provider, OSI Group

OSI will produce Impossible Foods’ flagship products, the Impossible Burger, starting in September. OSI will help expand production of the flagship product throughout 2019 and thereafter.

“We conducted an exhaustive due diligence process to determine how to scale our manufacturing, both in the short term and during the next several years, and we were thoroughly impressed with OSI’s commitment to quality and responsiveness,” said Sheetal Shah, SVP of Product and Operations. “OSI has already installed equipment to make the Impossible Burger, and we’ll start seeing new capacity every week.”

OSI, the privately held company with more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, sources, develops, produces and distributes custom food solutions worldwide.

“We look forward to lending our expertise to Impossible Foods as it embarks on one of the most ambitious startups in the food industry,” commented Kevin Scott, SEVP of OSI Northern America. “At the same time, Impossible Foods will help fulfill the OSI Group’s commitment to sustainable food production–one of the core prisms through which OSI management makes operational decisions.” 

The plant-based burger is expected to hit retail outlets later this year. Prior to this expansion, the Impossible Burger was a top-selling item and key driver of new foot traffic in many restaurants. In addition to an increasing number of restaurants that sell the burger, chefs are expanding the number of items made from the versatile plant-based meat, with average per store volume increasing. 





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