Instacart Brands Expand North American Partnerships to Help Tackle Food Insecurity November 17, 2022

Instacart Brands Expand North American Partnerships to Help Tackle Food Insecurity

Instant Brands, maker of consumer favorites like Instant Pot, Pyrex and more, is further addressing food insecurity through partnerships with eight organizations across North America providing food assistance. Roughly 1 in 10 U.S. residents1 and 1 in 6 households in Canada2 currently face food insecurity—and as these numbers grow, so does the demand for food banks and pantries to serve more, with less.

Relief requires out-of-the-box solutions and innovative partnerships, as food insecurity manifests differently across communities. The faces of need include children who rely on meals at school; homebound, isolated seniors aging in place; and families finding themselves in this situation for the first time, due to inflation and rising grocery, fuel and heating costs.

Instant Brands is honored to partner with the following eight organizations, located near the company’s U.S. and Canadian facilities, committed to nourishing individuals and families in need:

“We are all connected in some way. Food insecurity is a complex issue, and there is no one-size-fits all solution,” said Ben Gadbois, President and CEO of Instant Brands. “I’m incredibly proud of our employees working with each organization at the local level to understand who they serve, and how we can best help them deliver on their mission.”

In fact, Instant Brands employees identified an opportunity to help heading into the holiday season: providing families with air-tight, reusable container sets to store meal leftovers and keep produce fresher longer, stretching grocery dollars further. As one component of its multi-pronged commitment to addressing food insecurity, Instant Brands donated approximately 30,000 pieces of its Snapware food storage solutions to the eight partner organizations.

“Thanks to our partnerships with companies like Instant Brands and our network of 285 partner organizations across the Inland Empire, we’re collectively working to get food into the hands of people facing hunger,” explained Carlos Medina, President and Founder of Vida Life Ministries in Bloomington, Calif., serving more than 48,000 families monthly. “People tell us that the amount of food they receive at our monthly USDA distribution events is even enough to share with their neighbors, which has a multiplying effect.”

Instant Brands invites anyone interested in supporting their communities this holiday season and beyond to visit their local food bank’s website to learn more.

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