Instacart Introduces New Doorstep Delivery Option March 9, 2020

Instacart Introduces New Doorstep Delivery Option

Instacart has continued to support busy people and households across North America. During the past few months, the company has been testing a ‘Leave at My Door Delivery’ feature with a group of customers across the US and Canada. On March 5, Instacart officially rolled that feature out to every user.

‘Leave at My Door Delivery’ was originally designed to provide a more flexible option for customers that may not be home at the time of delivery. As part of the tests, Instacart found customers were using the feature in many more ways. Whether doorbell conscious with a sleeping baby, in the backyard with kids or not feeling well, ‘Leave at My Door Delivery’ gives customers the flexibility to have their groceries delivered without having to come to the door or be at home.

During the last week in particular, Instacart noticed a significant surge in consumer adoption and opt-in usage of the feature. Based on the increased demand for this new product feature, the company has now made it available to all Instacart customers—bringing even more flexibility and optionality to their grocery delivery experience.

Customers can opt-in to ‘Leave at My Door Delivery’ as part of their delivery options at checkout and can also provide more specific delivery instructions like a gate code or apartment number. A real-time photo will alert customers when their groceries are at their doorstep.

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