December 16, 2022

JackBe, Curbside Drive-Thru Grocer Opens Round of Funding

Launching its first store in January 2023, the new-to-market curbside drive-thru grocer JackBe has opened up the opportunity to anyone interested in owning a piece of the action with a Wefunder campaign currently running.

Founded by Alex Ruhter and his three co-founders, the team has been working together through the past three years to create a company that makes shopping nearly fun while delivering the goods. “To the time-challenged shopper needing a simpler way to grocery shop, JackBe is your curbside drive-thru grocer who fills your order and delivers it to your vehicle when you want, with no substitutions. We have created the grocery store experience that we wished existed but didn’t…until now,” said Ruhter.

With a focus on creating stores that only operate to serve customers picking up, they have meticulously developed a concept that not only delivers the best products to customers quickly and easily but bespeaks itself to the bottom line.

“We are incredibly excited to not only open our first store but to share with others the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of what we believe to be the future of grocery shopping. We have taken this company from concept to build out, and we could not have done it without the belief and encouragement of others and for that, we are forever humbled,” added Ruhter.

To date, more than $7 million has been raised privately, and the Wefunder campaign is greater than $330,000 and growing.


  • JackBe is positioned to disrupt the fast-growing $811 billion grocery market
  • It’s the first drive-thru grocer with on-demand ordering and pickup in minutes
  • Download the simple to use app, built for efficiency and begin to shop “anytime, anywhere.”
  • JackBe honors your order. Everything is handpicked with no substitutions.
  • It offers a unique store footprint focused on convenience and produce freshness
  • The first three concept stores will launch in 2023
  • Grocery orders will be ready for pickup when its most convenient to the customer

With the opening of the Wefunder campaign, it makes it possible for “future” customers to invest in their favorite grocery store. For more information on the campaign visit the Wefunder campaign.



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