KeHE Partners with Spoiler Alert to Better Manage Food Waste April 29, 2020

KeHE Partners with Spoiler Alert to Better Manage Food Waste

KeHE this week announced a multi-year partnership agreement with Spoiler Alert in an effort to decrease food waste.

Spoiler Alert is a venture-backed, technology company helping the grocery supply chain manage unsold inventory more effectively. The Boston-based company increases its partners’ performance through sales management and analytical tools, along with a scalable, proprietary business-to-business trading platform.

KeHE and Spoiler Alert have created a mutually beneficial partnership that will support KeHE’s US distribution centers with inventory management, waste prevention and sustainability. Michael Don, Executive Director in Supply Chain at KeHE stated, “We are committed to reducing excess inventory through our investment in supply chain technology with Spoiler Alert. The platform, not only enhances the efficiency of processes, but also leverages data to analyze trends and opportunities in surplus inventory, increases sales velocity and reduces food waste.”

Food waste reduction is one of the key solutions to impact climate change. KeHE is committed to moving the needle towards a sustainable future through its collaborations with organizations like Spoiler Alert and Climate Collaborative, both creating actionable solutions for limiting waste in the food and beverage industry.

Laura McCord, Executive Director of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility stated, “Our partnership with Spoiler Alert not only impacts our environment but it also impacts communities throughout the US. Since the start of our pilot program with Spoiler Alert, we were able to donate more than 1.5 million meals during the last year. Our contributions align with KeHE’s core purpose of serving to make lives better, by getting nutritious, better-for-you and affordable food to under-served communities and non-profits throughout the US.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about the results of our partnership with KeHE, most notable of which are increased food recovery rates and a more efficient inventory management process,” stated Ricky Ashenfelter, CEO and Co-Founder of Spoiler Alert. “KeHE sets a great example for the whole industry of what is possible by coupling technology with intentionality around waste reduction. It’s incredibly rewarding to partner with such a mission-driven company that shares our values. Major kudos are extended to their team’s leadership on these fronts.”

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