April 29, 2020

KFC to Provide $500,000 in Groceries to Team Members

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced it will provide $500,000 worth of groceries to team members across its more than 4,000 US restaurants to celebrate its workforce who are continuing to keep America fed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. KFC franchisees have joined forces to create a Grocery Assistance Fund through the KFC Foundation, which will provide $100 grocery gift cards to thousands of US employees.

KFC franchisees all over the country, many of whom are small, local business owners, have been working to support and celebrate their individual teams through bonuses, hourly pay increases, meals for their employees and their families, pay continuation for employees impacted by COVID-19 and a variety of other financial incentives.

Notably, KFC franchisees Dick West (West Quality Foods) and Todd and Justin Stewart (Stewart Restaurant Group), among others, granted a $2 per hour appreciation incentive to employees. Franchisee Brandon Robertson provided all team members with $20 Fill Ups, enough food to feed a family of four, to take home for their families, along with a coupon to share one with someone in need within their local community, while restaurants in the Harman system, KFC’s oldest franchisee, provided meals and an appreciation bonus to each of their hourly employees, as well as their restaurant general managers and above unit managers.

“Our team members are going above and beyond to keep America fed and spread goodwill throughout our communities, whether that’s by donating thousands of meals to frontline healthcare workers or feeding children missing school meals,” said Justin Stewart, Board Chair, KFC Foundation. “As a small thank you, and in addition to many individual franchisee efforts, we have come together as franchisee leaders to care for restaurant employees through the Grocery Assistance Fund.”

The Grocery Assistance Fund is just another way KFC and its franchisees are working to support team members across the country. For this initiative, franchisees and employees in all US restaurants can recommend co-workers in need to receive a grocery gift card from the KFC Foundation, in partnership with the YUM! Foundation. Team members can choose to recommend others for any reason.

For more information about KFC’s efforts to support franchisees, employees and customers during the coronavirus pandemic, visit www.kfc.com/coronavirus.

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