September 6, 2023

Kraft Heinz’s Beloved Kids’ Brands Enter the Book Business with New FUNdamental Textbooks

Summer encapsulates the very essence of childhood fun: friends, freedom, outdoor play, relaxed rules and no homework. As post summer blues set in and kids return to the classroom, Kraft Heinz uncovered that more than half of parents in the US worry that their kids won’t enjoy school this year and more than 75 percent believe that more play in school would make their child more engaged. On a mission to make education fun and engaging, Kraft Heinz’s most beloved kids’ brands are getting into the book business with the launch of the new FUNdamental Textbooks.

Each book delivers an engaging ‘lesson’ on Jiggleometry (Jell-O), Nibbleomics (Kraft Mac & Cheese), Slurpstory (Capri Sun) and Stackonomy (Lunchables), while providing a delicious surprise snack via hollowed out pages featuring brands kids know and love. The book series was created to infuse excitement, engagement and playfulness into learning, alleviating the fear from 75 percent of parents that think their kids feel that going back to school means the end of summer fun.

“At Kraft Heinz, we believe education can be a fun-filled adventure full of imagination and with our books, we aim to reignite the enthusiasm for learning,” said Anna James, Associate Brand Manager at The Kraft Heinz Company.

Starting today, the books will be available for parents at FUNdamental Textbooks with no purchase necessary, while supplies last. For every book claimed, Kraft Heinz will donate $10 to First Book, a non-profit organization that works to remove barriers to education and level the playing field for kids in need so that every child has access to a quality education. In addition, Kraft Heinz is making a one-time donation of $50,000 to First Book.

To learn more, visit FUNdamental Textbooks.

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