November 9, 2023

Kroger Chief People Officer Joins Progressive Grocer Impact Conference to Discuss Building a Workforce of the Future

The Kroger Co. Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President Tim Massa joined the Progressive Grocer’s Grocery Impact Conference, convening in Orlando, Florida, for a discussion around building the workforce of the future and championing associates to shape company culture.

“No one has a playbook for what the future of work will be; however, Kroger’s goal remains to center our associates in everything we do, making sure the decisions we make are data-driven and support associates long-term career growth,” said Massa. “Kroger has a longstanding culture of opportunity. At its core, we work to advance an inclusive culture where associates feel valued and can be their authentic selves.”

Massa shared the company’s top people priority as creating an awesome associate experience and creating people champions. Kroger accomplishes this goal by connecting and retaining talent, developing leaders and advocating for associates and their well-being.

“At a foundational level, we must create an environment where our associates feel safe, respected and cared for,” said Massa. “We take a holistic approach and offer benefits that support the whole person, including physical, mental and financial health.”

Massa went on to explain recruiting and retention strategy in today’s competitive labor market. With talent selective and attracted to companies’ offering competitive wages and benefits paired with engaging and thriving cultures, Kroger understands the power of recruiting across generations and in untapped talent pools, including the retailer’s New Beginnings program that offers employment opportunities to justice-impacted individuals.

“In today’s competitive labor market, talent is selective and attracted to companies that offer competitive wages and benefits and who also lead with a clear purpose and offer an engaging culture where they can thrive and advance,” Massa explained.

Progressive Grocer’s Grocery Impact Conference is annual event where retail leaders meet to exchange ideas, celebrate success and build relationships. The conference also recognizes retail leaders in part of their Top Women in Grocery (TWIG) and GenNext awards programs.

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