September 17, 2018

Kroger to consolidate Mariano’s and Roundy’s

A recent report in the Chicago Tribune said that Kroger Co. will consolidate Roundy’s Wisconsin- and Chicago-based Mariano’s into a single Wisconsin-based division under the name of Roundy’s. The leadership teams of the two retailers will also be consolidated resulting in the departure of Don Rosanova, Mariano’s president and Don Fitzgerald, vice president of merchandising.

Mariano’s employees were notified about the changes in an email sent out by the company. The newspaper also reported that the division will be led by Michael Marx, who has been a Kroger executive for a significant period and headed up the Roundy’s division after it was acquired by Kroger in 2015.

“Mariano’s will continue to be operated as a unique brand and experience. In summary, what is changing is in the back office and in places customers can’t see and won’t experience, in order to continue to provide the experience our customers know and love,” Jim Hyland told the Chicago Tribune in an email.


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