September 27, 2023

LEA & PERRINS, Inventor of Worcestershire Sauce, Launches New Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary Mix

LEA & PERRINS, the inventor of Worcestershire Sauce, has launched its first innovation in more than a decade: a ready-to-drink Bloody Mary mix. Created in partnership with GEORGE’S BEVERAGE COMPANY, the LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix is a premium and carefully crafted beverage mix – ready to drink over ice or with vodka for a traditional boozy take.

The meteoric rise in popularity of over-the-top, indulgent Bloody Mary garnishes has led to the cocktail often satisfying diners’ hunger before they even get to their meals. To show the world that the Bloody Mary is more than just a boozy brunch beverage, LEA & PERRINS is partnering with BLT Restaurant Group to introduce a Bloody Mary that proudly sits on the dinner menu. The one-of-a-kind “Bloody Mary Dinner” is an all-in-one cocktail and entrée combination inspired by a deconstructed over-the-top Bloody Mary. It will be available at BLT Restaurant Group locations in New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago from Thursday, Sept. 28 – Sunday, Oct. 8.

Built with a LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary as the centerpiece, each bite is designed to elevate the savory sip. The Bloody Mary Dinner features:

  • LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary topped with traditional BLT Restaurant garnishes including a jumbo celery stalk, green olive, cornichon and lemon wedge.
  • An 8 oz. skirt steak infused with a LEA & PERRINS Worcestershire sauce and soy-garlic marinade.
  • A juicy skewer of Lea & Perrins Calabrian chili marinated grilled shrimp with scallion oil, spiced maple bacon with mustard seeds and pickled onions and fresh grape tomatoes.

“Bloody Mary afficionados know that the secret to a top-notch Bloody Mary is the Worcestershire Sauce,” said Holland Robinson, Brand Marketing Manager, LEA & PERRINS. “As the inventor, LEA & PERRINS has been the key to elevating flavor since 1837. As we looked to launch our first innovation in more than 10 years, it only made sense for us to enter the Bloody Mary business. We are excited to showcase the LEA & PERRINS quality and craftmanship in our mix and partner with BLT Restaurant Group to reimagine the savory cocktail in a never-before-seen way.”

The mix is handcrafted in small batches and features flavors derived from premium ingredients including fresh tomato juice, fresh horseradish, fresh lemon juice, celery and a cayenne-based hot sauce.

“The LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix is unlike anything we have done before and is the most delicious craft cocktail mixer our team has ever created,” said Greg David, CEO and President, GEORGE’S BEVERAGE COMPANY. “We are excited to partner with LEA & PERRINS to create this premium, zesty offering. Sure to please even the most finicky Bloody Mary drinker, it is a flavor bomb in a bottle!”

The LEA & PERRINS Zesty Bloody Mary Mix is now available for purchase at major grocery and specialty spirit retailers nationwide.


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