November 17, 2023

Leading Bone Broth Company Kettle & Fire Exposes the Broken Food System by Shining a Light on this Year’s Thanksgiving Table

Kettle & Fire, the nation’s leading bone broth brand, today announced the unveiling of a two-day immersive experience with open admission to the public from 11-5pm EST Nov. 17th and 18th at 242 Elizabeth Street in SoHo. Kettle & Fire has taken over a physical space in New York City that has been designed to confront and educate consumers on the shocking flaws in the U.S. food system and introduce the changes Kettle & Fire is leading for a healthier future, including a pledge to source one million pounds of regenerative beef bones by 2025.

The pop-up –“Kettle & Fire Turns the Tables on Thanksgiving”is inspired by the Kettle & Fire mission to create products that heal rather than harm. With Thanksgiving being celebrated across the country this month, the brand aims to be good stewards to our bodies and earth by inspiring a critical conversation to be held over Thanksgiving tables this year.

“At Kettle & Fire we hold ourselves accountable to sourcing ingredients that work to improve our food system and deliver both flavor and nutrition,” said Justin Mares, Co-Founder and CEO. “Today, we’re holding the entire food system accountable by sharing some of the harsh realities of a traditional Thanksgiving table and showing how we can be a catalyst for change.”

The guest journey through the pop-up begins with a warm, nutritious cup of Kettle & Fire bone broth before guests are ushered through three innovative and interactive installations that represent shocking truths within our flawed food system. Exhibits highlights include:

Section #1 : Unlock the Toxin Truth
Grocery shelves stocked with Thanksgiving items from bread to boxed stuffing carry secret truths exposed using black light technology and handheld flashlights. From herbicides to unsafe additives, guests uncover the dirty secrets behind everyday foods and learn why preservative-free products are the only way forward.

Section #2: In Memoriam: What We’ve Lost to Conventional Farming
Part two maps the evolution of farmers and farming over the past 100 years using a lifesize projection wall. Here, guests can watch and reflect on the demise of the small farm due to commercial and conventional farming and toxin exposure. The display introduces the concept of regenerative farming, focused on the conservation and rehabilitation of soil, food and climate.

Section #3: Discovering Nutrient Density
A bold comparison of meat, chicken and vegetables over time demonstrates how conventional products of today conflict with the nutrient-dense products and practices needed for a more sustainable future. For example: visitors can compare a 2 lb natural chicken from the 1950s vs. a hormone-induced 9 lb chicken of today.

After bearing witness to these atrocities against body and planet, guests are met with a solution: A hopeful, wholesome and nutritious Thanksgiving tablescape curated by notable chef and recipe influencer, Ronny Joseph Lvovski of Primal Gourmet (@Primal_Gourmet).

The table features four original recipes created by Chef Ronny, a longtime brand advocate and bone broth lover, all using Kettle & Fire Chicken and Beef Regenerative Bone Broth. Decadent yet nutritious dishes showcased on the table include Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Wild Boar & Sourdough Bread Stuffing, Roast Turkey and Gravy and Chorizo Green Bean Casserole. Recipes are available to capture by way of QR code on-site.

The experience culminates with a curated pantry supporting Kettle & Fire’s commitment to source 1 million pounds of regenerative beef bones by 2025. The brand believes the future of farming lies with regenerative, and this is one way they can have a direct impact on increasing demand for regeneratively-grown ingredients and awareness for change. The pantry will showcase other like-minded brands joining our commitment to champion healthy, quality ingredients and intentional regenerative sourcing practices that promote change.

All guests in attendance will be able to scan a QR code to redeem for an in-store purchase of Regenerative Chicken or Beef Bone Broth for Thanksgiving table celebrations. To RSVP for the event and learn more, visit Eventbrite HERE or follow Kettle & Fire @Kettleandfire on Instagram or TikTok and tag #turnthetables and #kettleandfirecommits.

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