May 19, 2020

LifeToGo Launches First-Ever Product Line of Consumer Personal Protection Equipment

LifeToGo, the e-commerce division of Accelerate360 (Accelerate), recently announced its first-ever line of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products. The new product line, including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, cloth and disposable face masks, and PPE safety kits begins rolling out today, with the full line available in June, at

“This is an extraordinary time for Americans as we tackle the new day-to-day challenges in maintaining our health and safety,” said LifeToGo Editor-in-Chief Lisa Pounds. “I am extremely proud of the LifeToGo team, and our colleagues at Accelerate, who acted quickly to develop, source and deliver this new line of PPEs in unprecedented time to meet the incredible demand of our community.”

The new LifeToGo Product Line will feature the PPE Safety Kit (which provides the ultimate on-the-go safety solution and contains disposable masks and gloves and disinfectant wipes. The new product line will also feature:

  • Hand Sanitizer in multiple sizes including 2 oz., 8 oz. and 16.9 oz. containers.
  • Fabric Face Masks for adults, teens and children available in single, 3- and 5-packs.
  • Disposable 3-Ply Facemasks manufactured at an FDA registered facility in 10-packs.
  • Disinfectant Wipes, 75 percent alcohol, available in 10- and 50-count packs.
  • Disposable Gloves available in a 100-count pack.

“When we launched LifeToGo, we were focused on building an e-commerce direct to consumer business to provide amazing content and products for those that lead a healthy active lifestyle,” said Accelerate Chief Business Officer Trey Holder. “We certainly didn’t expect to be in the midst of a global pandemic, but thanks to the agility of our team and the extraordinary infrastructure that Accelerate has built, we are able to deliver these new products and support the changing needs of our customers and retail partners.”

LifeToGo, launched as a direct-to-consumer platform by Accelerate in April 2020, is a curated lifestyle marketplace and health & wellness community. The direct to consumer e-commerce platform features four categories of interest and corresponding products, as well as content and expert advice from professionals in the health and wellness sector.

“I am incredibly proud of the innovative and creative teams at Accelerate and LifeToGo as they not only navigate a challenging environment with speed and efficiency but continue to pave the path for our continued success,” said Accelerate CEO David Parry. “Their hard work and dedication underscore the unique value that Accelerate brings to our partnerships and our commitment to providing trusted and dependable service when and where it is needed most.”

The LifeToGo community is based on the fundamentals of wellness, fitness, adventure, food and drink. Each category is reflected in carefully selected products that support LifeToGo’s belief that living better is achieved through mental and physical wellness, a commitment to fitness, a passion for adventure and a love of food and drink.

In addition to the new line of PPE products, consumers will also find hand-selected and curated selection of consumer brands in the wellness, food, adventure and fitness areas along with original content and articles on leading a healthy lifestyle. For more information, please visit

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