June 23, 2022

Little Saints Introduces Spicy Margarita and Mimosa Flavors into their Collection of Plant Magic Mocktails in Time for Summer

Little Saints, the only mocktail brand to combine CBD and Reishi mushrooms in their ingredients, today releases two new effervescent flavors, Spicy Margarita and Mimosa. Together with Ginger Mule and Paloma, these four bold flavored non-alcoholic drinks are designed to provide an uplifting sensory experience through the following thoughtfully combined Plant Magic ingredients: fast acting nano-emulsified CBD, aromatic terpenes and calming Reishi mushrooms. Founded by environmental lawyer turned plant-foods entrepreneur, Megan Klein, shaped by a female food scientist with a Masters in adaptogens (plants that help the body adapt to stress) and guided by a sacred plant medicine shaman, this woman-led company sets out to elevate emotional wellbeing and to encourage connectivity with nature. Launched at music festivals from day one, Little Saints embodies fun and joy. It is the mocktail to drink for a good time.

“Having launched Little Saints as a one-woman-show selling out of our ‘Baby Mint’ vending trailer at outdoor music events throughout Detroit, Michigan in the summer of 2021, I am overjoyed to see how much we have grown in our first year,” said Little Saint’s Founder Megan Klein. “Our plant magic mocktails are now distributed nationally and loved by many people searching for a delicious, uplifting and sugar-free alternative to alcoholic cocktails. Our new flavors – Spicy Margarita and Mimosa – are pure fun in a can, and I can’t wait to drink them with our plant magic-loving community all summer long.”

What is Plant Magic and how does it work? Each of Little Saints’ mocktails contains a magic stack of the following three master plant ingredients:

  • Hemp-Derived CBD – A non-intoxicating derivative of the hemp plant, our CBD is fast-acting and designed to give you the take-the-edge-off feeling.
  • Botanical Terpenes – Aromatic and deliciously distinctive, terpenes are the naturally occurring, mood-enhancing scents that enrich plants, roots, herbs and flowers.
  • Reishi Mushroom – Traditional healers have used this adaptogen for centuries to boost resilience and promote a feeling of calm.

Complementing the Plant Magic ingredients, carb-free monkfruit (only 5 calories) is added for sweetness while ensuring 0 sugar is used.

How does Little Saints celebrate fun? Fun heals everything, and their goal is to share joy, levity and good vibes with their community through their thoughtful products and their four impactful flavors.

  • (NEW) Spicy Margarita – Sensory notes of juicy lime, mild jalapeno, orange blossom; visually yellow like the sunset (colored by turmeric). Best served on ice in a rocks glass, jalapeno garnish optional.
  • (NEW) Mimosa – Sensory notes of clementine with citrus rind notes and sweet honey; visually orange (colored by tree seeds). Best served in champagne flute. Chilled, of course.
  • Ginger Mule – Sensory notes of lime, citrus rinds, ginger and a hint of lavender. Best served cold, in a rocks glass, to appreciate the iridescent fizz.
  • Paloma – Sensory notes of grapefruit, citrus rinds and a hint of agave; visually pink (colored by veggies). Best served on ice in a tall glass, lime garnish optional.

What are the values of this woman-led brand? Little Saints is focused on demonstrating standards through deliberate daily choices. With a respect for feelings, intuition and connection, Little Saints honors feminine energy as a source of love and empowerment accessible to all genders. Through sourcing, partnerships and distribution purchasing decisions, Little Saints promotes environmental sustainability and conscious capitalism. With integrity and an open mind, Little Saints serves the community by donating more than 1 percent of its revenue to organizations fostering equity in relation to plant medicine and mental health.

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