November 2, 2023

Luker Chocolate Previews Products and Features Ahead of PLMA Show

Luker Chocolate, B-Corp Certified Colombian B4B (business-for-business) chocolate manufacturer, is taking part in the upcoming PLMA Show Nov. 12-14 in Chicago (Booth #F2714).

“Staying ahead of market trends and producing innovative solutions is critical as we serve the needs of our customers. Since 1906, Luker has been crafting chocolate at origin, which puts us in a unique position to answer to increasing customer demands for traceability, sustainability and quality assurance. With direct sourcing, we are close to the farmers and can specialize our R & D capabilities to our partner’s specifications,” said Cristian Chu, VP of New Business Development and R&D at Luker.

In response to consumer preferences, Luker Chocolate has introduced a range of plant-based oat milk chocolates including milk, white and no-sugar-added alternatives. This offering not only fulfills the growing demand for healthier options but also tends to consumers looking for Better for the Planet options without sacrificing indulgence.

Luker Chocolate has also expanded its capabilities to cater to the increasing consumer preference for on-the-go snacking. The company offers a range of snacking options, including almonds, cashews, quinoa and chickpeas covered in premium dark, milk or plant-based chocolate, meeting the need for convenient and indulgent treats.

With a shift in packaging trends towards smaller sizes, Luker is offering 0.28 oz (8g) bars, perfect for those mindful of portion control as well as ready-to-launch seasonal products tailored for occasions like Valentine’s, Easter and Christmas. These offerings allow retailers to effortlessly refresh their line-ups with convenient formats and seasonally trending flavors, satisfying the needs of a diverse customer base.

Adapting to Indulgent Preferences

Monitoring market insights is critical to ensure products are aligned with the latest consumer preferences. As per Euromonitor 2023, Luker understands the significance of catering to the flavor preferences of the US market by offering familiar indulgent flavors with a twist like salted caramel or raspberry.

The extensive ready-to-launch portfolio includes a decadent 33 percent smooth caramel milk chocolate bar, as well as crunchy inclusions like puffed rice or sea salt flakes. These options are designed to adapt to diverse flavor preferences and offer the perfect solution for retailers looking to offer more on-trend options to their growing customer base.

Also included is a favorite for North American customers – hot chocolate. Available in seasonal flavors including peppermint, salted caramel or hazelnut as well as traditional flavors like mocha, vanilla and double chocolate.

Quality, Sustainability and Tailored Solutions

Maintaining a commitment to superior quality, Luker uses fine-flavor cocoa, characterized by its exquisite aroma and taste. As a B-Corp, their focus on sustainability extends from sourcing the highest quality cocoa to partnering with brands and companies who share a dedication to quality and sustainability resulting in exceptional and purpose-driven chocolate products.

Luker Chocolate excels in offering tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of its customers. They can easily adapt to market trends such as a 100 percent plastic-free flow pack option for all sizes of chocolate bars. This design allows for recyclable paper packaging with full-color designs as well as a compostable flow pack option.

Visit Luker Chocolate at Booth #F2714 to experience innovative solutions firsthand and learn more about their commitment to serving market trends and customer needs. Luker Chocolate is dedicated to being a preferred partner for delicious, sustainable and innovative chocolate products.

For more information, visit Luker Chocolate.

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