November 1, 2023

Lunchables Debuts Two Flavors to New Dunkables Snack Line

Lunchables introduces Dunkables, a new line-up of snack combinations designed for kids to grab, dip and top with their favorite ingredients.

Lunchables’ Dunkables is grounded in the growing popularity of kids’ snack time dipping culture, generating thousands of mentions across social media in the past year alone. Each variety is made up of a wholesome base ingredient and two tasty toppings, providing families with a convenient, fulsome snack that will keep kids happy and satisfied until their next meal. Each kid-inspired option is designed in a perfectly portioned tray for quick and easy snacking including:

  • Mozza Sticks with Marinara & Breadcrumbs: This protein pick-me-up includes mozzarella cheese sticks, marinara sauce and the perfect amount of breadcrumbs for sprinkling, spreading and more.
  • Pretzel Twists with PB Spread & Choco Chips: Honey wheat pretzels serve as the base of this savory-sweet combo, complemented by creamy peanut butter spread and mini chocolate chips.

“With the goal to make kid snack time fun, we are constantly looking for new ways for our product to inspire creativity and imagination,” said Danni Levin, Associate Director of Innovation, Lunchables. “Tapping into kids’ emerging love for dunking their foods, this felt like a ripe opportunity to take our brand to the next level with the launch of Dunkables. Developed to give kids the power to dip, build and create their ultimate after-school-snack, Dunkables are powered by kid imagination for endless dipping possibilities.”

Looking to move beyond the lunch-time occasion and provide wholesome snacks to bridge between meals, Dunkables is the brand’s second innovation tailored to snack time in 2023, following the debut of Grilled Cheesies this past summer.

Starting this month, Lunchables Dunkables’ two varieties can be found in grocery retailers nationwide for an SRP of $2.49 per unit and $24.60 per case with an additional Chicken Popper variety to debut in 2024.


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