January 4, 2024

MAA Authentic Indian Sauce Brand Built for Versatility in the Kitchen

Indian ex-restaurant owner Harry “Guru” Khanna has set out to create an Indian sauce that is as healthy as it is elegant and introduces MAA Sauces.

“MAA Sauces come from decades of research and development,” Khanna explained. “I’ve spent a lifetime developing my sauces both in restaurant settings and by traveling overseas to India to conduct further research. Throughout this process, I’ve prioritized both health and convenience every step of the way.”

The result of this dual focus is immediately apparent. Each MAA Sauce is top-allergy safe and filled with clean, healthy ingredients. They are vegan and do not contain dairy. This lack of dairy also means the sauces have a long shelf life without the need for chemical preservatives.

Khanna’s trump card is his use of cryogenic spices. These are spices ground at sub-zero temperatures to preserve flavor and ensure nutritional integrity. Khanna combines these unique spices into proven recipes, which are available in a jarred format. This can be added to a base, such as vegetables, chicken, beef, lamb, goat, fish or shrimp. The result is an authentic, high-quality Indian meal that is fresh, clean and can come together in minutes. It is a convenient, healthy and affordable culinary solution that keeps meals easy and enjoyable, no matter how busy life may get.

MAA was originally Guru Foods Indian Sauces in the US and continues to operate under the registered trademark GURU in Canada. Learn more at Guru Sauces.



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