November 30, 2023

Mars Releases Tastebud Training Program in Time for SNICKERS Hi Protein Launch

SNICKERS is introducing an all-new Tastebud Training program to get fans ready for the epic taste of the brand’s new protein bar innovation: SNICKERS Hi Protein. To inspire more moments of everyday happiness and bring the innovative Tastebud Training program to life, SNICKERS partnered with actor, comedian and host, Joel McHale, along with his trainer, to guide fans through the experience.

“As a SNICKERS fan and someone who regularly goes to the gym and wears t-shirts two sizes too small, partnering with the brand and their new protein bar to work out my tastebuds and deltoids was a perfect match,” said McHale. “Being an actor and comedian, my mouth is one of my most important assets, but my tastebuds have been seriously overlooked for too long. Thanks to SNICKERS Hi Protein and the brand’s Tastebud Training program, that changes now.”

While not backed by science but backed by Joel McHale, the Tastebud Training program includes four fun, unique training exercises that prep the tastebuds for the epic taste of SNICKERS Hi Protein:

  • Face Flex – Stretch your face for a dynamic warmup, ensuring you don’t pull a face muscle.
  • Lip Trill – Loosen up your lips with just 3 sets and 5 reps to enhance flavor intake.
  • Bar Bites – Take a few bites of SNICKERS Hi Protein and receive 20 g of protein per bar, bringing epic flavor to your fitness routine.
  • Satisfied Smile – End the workout with a smile – a low intensity cooldown to aid flavor receptor recovery.

“Mars introduced the all-new SNICKERS Hi Protein innovation to answer the consumer call for a delicious tasting protein bar,” said Martin Terwilliger, Senior Director of Marketing, Mars Wrigley. “With the Tastebud Training program and sweepstakes, we are looking forward to giving our consumers the chance to have fun with the exercises before treating their tastebuds to an epic flavor experience.”

Today through Dec. 13, fans can go to Snickers to swipe through the training routine. Those who participate can enter for a chance at epic rewards like a solo training session with Joel McHale and free SNICKERS Hi Protein bars, while supplies last.

SNICKERS Hi Protein bars have the same chocolatey, caramel and peanut flavors as SNICKERS along with the protein needed to help the body stay full and were created for people who want the benefit of high protein without sacrificing taste. SNICKERS Hi Protein bars are available in Original and Peanut Butter flavors at retailers nationwide in single size (2.01 oz) bars and four-count boxes.

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