October 17, 2022

Martin’s Potato Rolls Launch New ‘Sweet Rolls’

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc., the makers of Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread, announced that two new products, Martin’s® Sweet Dinner Potato Rolls and Martin’s Sweet Party Potato Rolls, are available in stores today.

Martin’s Dinner and Party Potato Rolls are Martin’s earliest products and have remained a staple for more than 65 years. Martin’s Dinner Potato Rolls were first distributed at farmer’s markets in 1955 and were one of the first Martin’s products to hit grocery store shelves in 1965. Martin’s Party Potato Rolls were originally sold as “Half Size” Dinner Rolls, and they are the perfect size for appetizers and party sandwiches. Now, Martin’s is offering a sweeter version of their long-time favorite potato rolls.

“Our new Sweet Dinner and Sweet Party Potato Rolls are the perfectly sweet addition to our product lineup,” said Joe Martin, Executive Vice President and grandson to the founders of Martin’s. “It’s no secret that sweet rolls are becoming the go-to roll across the nation. We are excited to offer our fans and customers Sweet Dinner Potato Rolls and Sweet Party Potato Rolls from a company they love and trust. Our new products have everything that is already raved about in Martin’s Potato Rolls – fluffy texture, high-quality ingredients and great taste – just a little sweeter! What’s not to love about that?”

As with all their products, Martin’s uses only the best ingredients, such as high protein wheat flour, potatoes, nonfat milk, real butter and pure cane sugar, to make their new Sweet Dinner and Sweet Party Potato Rolls. The products also use unbleached wheat flour, contain no artificial colors or sweeteners and meet the national non-GMO standard.

“We couldn’t be happier with the timing of our Sweet Dinner Potato Rolls and Sweet Party Potato Rolls launch,” said Martin. “Now, families and friends can enjoy our new sweet rolls at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. We hope you’ll enjoy the versatility of our rolls and try them as a side, sandwich, snack, appetizer or dessert – however you please!”

Meanwhile, consumers can participate in Martin’s “Sweet Mini Moments Digital Scavenger Hunt.” By participating, consumers have a chance to unlock a free sample of Martin’s Sweet Dinner or Sweet Party Potato Rolls. Click here to learn more about Martin’s Sweet Mini Moments Digital Scavenger Hunt, discover sweet recipes and find nearby stores with the new products.

Consumers can use Martin’s “store locator” to find out which local stores carry Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread here.

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