April 18, 2024

MegaMex Foods debuts DOÑA MARIA Mole Rojo

As restaurant chefs and operators look to add more global flavors to their menus, MegaMex Foods announces a bold new product that’s made just for foodservice. DOÑA MARIA Mole Rojo paste combines the authentic taste of a traditional mole with back-of-house-friendly packaging and a flavorful formula.

Mole, pronounced MOH-ley, comes from the Mexican native language Nahuatl mōlli meaning “sauce”. Mole describes a variety of complex sauces that can contain more than 20 ingredients used in Mexican cuisine. Every container of DOÑA MARIA Mole Rojo is meticulously crafted in Mexico, where mole is known as the country’s national dish. Authenticity is at the heart of this rich bold paste, giving operators a truly distinct flavor that can elevate any dish.

“We are excited to introduce our first foodservice product under the DOÑA MARIA brand. It aligns with our purpose of reimagining Mexican flavor in both foodservice and retail segments,” said Ryan Michaelis, president and chief executive officer at MegaMex Foods. “Its rich blend of premium ingredients like mild ancho and poblano peppers, peanuts, sesame seeds and a touch of real chocolate makes it stand out.”

To get the product right, the MegaMex team took its legendary mole paste around the country to learn what operators required to make it work in their kitchens. Container size, paste consistency and ease of use, along with the authentic flavor of a generations-old family recipe are what make this mole paste truly unique.

“Bringing the product to operators made all the difference,” said Dan Burrows, consulting chef for MegaMex Foods. “The foodservice-specific formula is now in a kitchen-friendly, resealable wide-mouth container. The foodservice-safe container even fits a spoon to make it easier to remove the paste.”

DOÑA MARIA® Mole Rojo also makes it easy for operators to add more unexpected flavor across their menus. From traditional chicken dishes to chilaquiles, chicken wings, salad dressings, sandwiches and desserts, this bold paste is a wonderfully versatile ingredient that gives diners the adventurous dishes they crave — all in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

“Preparing a traditional mole paste from scratch is extremely labor intensive and most recipes have more than 20 ingredients,” Burrows said. “Ours is simple. Just heat 64-ounces of water or broth with one container of mole paste and whisk over a low heat until smooth (4-to-1 ratio). It’s an easy way to add depth and complexity to any dish.”

Not only is DOÑA MARIA® Mole Rojo a quick and easy way to add more excitement to everyday dishes, the inclusion of Mexican sauces on entrees means diners will spend more and increase their check size1. In fact, the median spend of entrees made with mole increased by 52 percent.1

Foodservice operators interested in learning more about DOÑA MARIA Mole Rojo or to request a sample can click here. This product is available now through MegaMex Foods – No. #131573 or through DOT Foods – Item No. 774328.

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