Meijer Chooses Hyer to Help Execute Gig Strategies January 28, 2020

Meijer Chooses Hyer to Help Execute Gig Strategies

In an effort to drive efficiencies throughout its stores, Meijer plans to utilize the Hyer platform/app across its 246-store footprint and its Serv-U-Success operation to connect gig workers with identified tasks on hand.

The app allows Meijer to support its workforce needs in real-time, ensuring it can meet consumer demand. Led by a team of retail and consumer product goods experts, the Hyer platform provides organizations and individuals with a unified, easy way to locate, engage and manage independent work.

CEO of Hyer, David Dempsey said, “Hyer is the first integrated, scalable ecosystem for labor on demand in the gig economy. While there are several labor on-demand apps in today’s marketplace, Hyer’s robust app enables Meijer to manage multiple tasks in a single mobile application.”

Since partnering with Hyer, Meijer has been able to better manage the volatility of demand—having the right number of resources that match their needs, according to media reports.

“Across the system, the use experience is fast and simplifies the overall resource management at store level, saving us time and increasing efficiency while simultaneously improving the customer experience,” said Todd Weer, SVP of Stores at Meijer.

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