February 7, 2024

Michigan-based butter Unveils New THC-Infused Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

butter has launched its unique new THC-infused Chocolate Hazelnut spread, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The THC-infused hazelnut spread is the latest in a line of spreadable edible creations. butter released a THC-infused ghee (clarified butter) in December of 2023. This move into sweet confections exemplifies the brand’s ongoing commitment to quality and innovation. The retailer is known for thoughtful offerings and unique product delivery, along with a curation of some of the finest cannabis brands on the market.

Each container of the new spread is infused with 200mg of live rosin (5g/10mg of THC serving size) and comes in a recycled glass jar. The dosage gives a long-lasting, feel-good high that’s similar to your favorite edibles. The spread is crafted by infusing cannabis extracts into a high-quality chocolate hazelnut butter blend—like your favorite grocery store spread, with an adult twist.

The indulgent and flavor-forward infused chocolate hazelnut spread retails for $25. At launch, it will be available exclusively at butter’s Ann Arbor location and Berkley flagship dispensary. Later this month, the product will hit shelves at select retail partners.

For more information, visit: butterworld.com.

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