January 30, 2023

Mighty Yum Launches in Hungryroot, UNFI, Earth Fare and 600 Convenience Stores

Mighty Yum, the company behind a new line of nutritious, plant-based lunch kits and snacks that has been taking North America by storm, announces its partnership with Hungryroot, UNFI, Earth Fare and other best-in-class retailers, as well as more than 600 convenience stores throughout the Northeast.

Hungryroot is an online grocery store powered by artificial intelligence, using proprietary predictive technology to directly sell millions of meals tailored to customers’ needs through the industry-leading platform.

As part of the partnership, Mighty Yum lunch kits will be featured in Hungryroot’s online store, allowing people to access healthy snack options for their children more conveniently. The partnership with Hungryroot is one of our biggest partnerships so far, and we are excited for the opportunity to work together so early into our launch.

Mighty Yum is also proud to announce our partnerships with some of the best retailers and distributors in the business, including Hungryroot, UNFI, Earth Fare, Berkeley Bowl, Kehe, DPI and more than 600 convenience stores launching in February throughout the Northeast.

“I am extremely proud of the Mighty Yum team for achieving such rapid success in such a short time. This is a testament to not only the high demand for healthy on-the-go snack options but also the exceptional taste and quality of our innovative, plant-based products. We have successfully solved a real problem for parents, making it easy for them to provide healthy choices for their children, even when they’re on the go,” Howard Panes, Mighty Yum Co-Founder.

The partnerships mark other points of sale where customers can now purchase Mighty Yum products, both online and locally, thanks to which we will cover a greater part of the market and raise awareness about our healthy, plant-based lunch kits. We are thrilled to join Hungryroot, UNFI, Earth Fare and others on the mission to bring better for you food alternatives to families.

“We are thrilled to announce Hungry Root as our first partnership. Their mission aligns perfectly with ours and this partnership represents the future of shopping,” Mark Elkman, Mighty Yum Co-Founder.

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